The Schools Co-operative Society

SCS is the apex body of the educational co-operative sector.

We co-ordinate, support and give a voice to the 100s of Co-operative Trusts and Co-operative Academies across the UK

As with all co-operatives we are owned and democratically run by our members, in our case the 100s of co-operative schools and other educational co-operatives across the country,

The Co-operative movement has operated for over 160 years across a large number of fields, from finance to farming and retail. Over the last ten years a revolution in the way schools can operate and be organised has allowed the creation of an entirely new sector of the UK Co-operative Movement. The educational Co-operative sector is now playing a major role in the school education system of the country and SCS has been created to help co-ordinate the sector.





2017 October Newsletter

Reminder—End of Term— Friday 20th October 2017—2:55 pm Start of term Monday 30th October 2017—8:30am week B Thursday 2nd November 2017—year 9 & Year 10 Information Evening at 7:00pm Thursday 9th November— year 8 Information Evening at 7:00pm Thursday 16th November—year 11 Parent Evening Thursday 23rd November 6th form Open Evening at 6:30pm Tuesday 28th November—Christmas Service—Gloucester Cathedral Thursday 7th December—year 9 Parents Evening Wednesday 20th December—Last day of term

Year 9 & 10 Information Evening

Introductions – James King / Asst. Principal The curriculum – James King / Asst. Principal Supporting your child through GCSE English - Rachel Robins – Director of English Supporting your child through GCSE Maths - Geraint Thomas – KS4 lead for Maths Supporting your child through GCSE Science - Honor Brooker – KS4 lead for Science Attendance and punctuality – Chris Ogden – Head of Year 9 Home – School communication - Emma Hammond – Head of Year 10 Work Experience - Emma Hammond – Head of Year 10 Independent study - Emma Hammond – Head of Year 10 Questions…