Student Reports

This year schools and academies have had to develop new assessment procedures and grading systems and as a result this report will look very different to those sent out previously. At Beaufort Co-operative Academy we have viewed this as an opportunity to more accurately report on the progress of students. We are aware, that as with any new system, it will take some time to become familiar with but I hope that the guidance in this letter helps you understand the progress that your son/daughter is making. 

GCSE Grade comparison table.

As from 2017 all GCSE grades will use a 1- 9 scale. The table shows an approximate comparison to the old A*-G grading system.


Absence and attendance figures are recorded at the bottom of the report. These are accurate from when the report was printed. Minimum expected attendance is 97%.

Finally we understand the importance of accurately reporting on students’ progress and are keen that the Academy assessment system is as informative as possible so any feedback would be appreciated.

I hope that this guide is clear and enables you to understand the progress your son/daughter is making.

If you would like further clarification or to give feedback please do not hesitate to contact the academy at [email protected] or telephone on 01452 301381.

Yours sincerely
Mr A J Park
Assistant Principal


2017 October Newsletter

Reminder—End of Term— Friday 20th October 2017—2:55 pm Start of term Monday 30th October 2017—8:30am week B Thursday 2nd November 2017—year 9 & Year 10 Information Evening at 7:00pm Thursday 9th November— year 8 Information Evening at 7:00pm Thursday 16th November—year 11 Parent Evening Thursday 23rd November 6th form Open Evening at 6:30pm Tuesday 28th November—Christmas Service—Gloucester Cathedral Thursday 7th December—year 9 Parents Evening Wednesday 20th December—Last day of term

Year 9 & 10 Information Evening

Introductions – James King / Asst. Principal The curriculum – James King / Asst. Principal Supporting your child through GCSE English - Rachel Robins – Director of English Supporting your child through GCSE Maths - Geraint Thomas – KS4 lead for Maths Supporting your child through GCSE Science - Honor Brooker – KS4 lead for Science Attendance and punctuality – Chris Ogden – Head of Year 9 Home – School communication - Emma Hammond – Head of Year 10 Work Experience - Emma Hammond – Head of Year 10 Independent study - Emma Hammond – Head of Year 10 Questions…